About Me

★ Experience

With 10 years of experience in software and full-stack development, my current frequently used development tools at work include IntelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio. I often work with languages such as Golang, C#, utilize front-end frameworks like Angular and Vue, and work with databases, including Postgresql and MSSql.
I have also shared an open-source Golang tool called JGo on GitHub. The demo website for JGo is constructed using Golang in conjunction with JGo.
I have experience in development and tool usage in various languages, platforms, and technologies, including C/C++, .Net, N3DS, PSVita, Steam, Switch, Android, IOS, Unity, and more.
★ Achievements

In practical work, to meet the demands of rapid development, I have written underlying frameworks for ASP.NET MVC and Angular. This allows for quick initiation of business functionality during development by simply importing framework templates, eliminating the need for repetitive code writing.
During the initial development planning at Fastbridge company, the most significant achievement was the independent establishment of the company's primary product from scratch, successfully achieving the company's initial development and transformation goals.
In addition to project and product development, I have also taken on the role of researching the introduction of new technologies and requirements. This has contributed to the continuous improvement of the company's technical capabilities and breadth.
Furthermore, in the past, I have written underlying frameworks for multi-platform engines, as well as various small tools such as automatic layout, level editing, and data translation.
★ Traits

Independent, I have multiple experiences in independently developing projects and possess the ability to independently solve problems encountered.
Collaborative, I have multiple experiences in team collaboration for project development. I can understand and patiently communicate and explain with team members. I present discussions in a way that is understandable to others and propose feasible solutions.
Learning, I take on the role of researching the introduction of new technologies and requirements. I have multiple experiences in developing projects for new platforms. I am open-minded and quickly grasp new technologies or areas where improvement is needed.
Diversified, I am not limited to a single field of expertise. I proactively learn and understand technologies in other areas that I come into contact with.
★ Interest

In addition to my professional expertise, I have various hobbies such as traveling, watching movies, reading novels, listening to music, playing video games, and enjoying anime. Furthermore, I have my own creative pursuits in areas like playing the guitar, drawing, and writing.